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graph the gradient.avi by Priscilla Allan

How to use Geogebra to demonstrate graphing the gradient leading to understanding differentiation for ...

13stats 3.10 Marking a Students Work by Priscilla Allan

How a teacher thinks when they are marking a year 13 brand new internal...

13stats 3.10 Inference by Priscilla Allan

from the sample to the population - trying to make it clear.

13Stats 3.8 Time Series Excellence Predictions Vs Actuals by Priscilla Allan

A suggested excellence skill. Delete the last three rows and compare predictions with actuals.

13calc Trig Unit Circle by Priscilla Allan

Using Geogebra to see the unit circle create the trig functions.

Year 11 Multivariate Data by Priscilla Allan

check list for assessment.

13calc Maths End Ferris Wheel Manu Height by Priscilla Allan

not the best.

13stats 3.8 time series residuals by Priscilla Allan

Component Contribution to Series Variation.

13stats 2013 External Probability Q3bi by Priscilla Allan

13stats 2013 External Probability Q3bi.

13stats Distributions External Poisson Remembering Trudi by Priscilla Allan

13stats Distributions External Poisson Remembering.

13stats distributions poisson by Priscilla Allan


13STATS Distributions: Binomial Distribution Memory Trick by Priscilla Allan

ncea level 3 statistics probability distributions.

3.8 Time Series Excellence Research by Priscilla Allan

Just google and check out the countries official statistics page.

13stats 3.12 Reports Non Sampling Error by Priscilla Allan

Clarifying (sort of) the difference between sampling error and non sampling error.

13stats 3.8 predictions by Priscilla Allan

a reminder of what you need to write to pass.

13stats 3.10 Bootstrap Inference by Priscilla Allan

Remember we are making an educated guess about a population using SAMPLE statistics.

13Calc Maths End Ferris Wheel by Priscilla Allan

not a great explanation.

9mat Algebra Quadratic Pattern by Priscilla Allan

connecting pattern, table of points, graph and equation.

Geogebra Fun Trick by Priscilla Allan


11MAT NCEA Sample paper graphs 1.3 Q2.avi by Priscilla Allan

91028 ncea level 1 tables equations and graphs.

Equalize - Cover by Priscilla Allan

Duration: 00:01:48
Size: 1.4MB

Oh Madalena by Priscilla Allan

Duration: 00:02:54
Size: 2.5MB

Eu sei Na mira Cover by Priscilla Allan

Duration: 00:02:40
Size: 2.4MB

Só Hoje by Priscilla Allan

Duration: 00:03:24
Size: 3.2MB

Priscilla Medders - Flowers for a Queen by Allan Douglas

Duration: 00:02:50
Size: 2.5MB

Alex Aymonier Trance Feb 11 by Alex Aymonier

Duration: 01:57:58
Size: 01.MB